First and foremost, we would like to thank all our community members for their participation in our Meme Contest. We appreciate all our community members who submitted their meme for this contest. With so many memes submitted by our community, it was very difficult to select 3 winners amongst so many great memes. We have two memes that are tie for 3rd Place..

Congratulations to the 4 winners!!!

1st Place Winner: @VeeqToria

Address: 0x52251205bBeB7b5aD5cA5c9470a8b9C9e703c105

2nd Place Winner: @Clinton292

Address: 0x46120475A7F63e61dD143A7ecce9D8af9099c28c

3rd Place Winner: @ChrisBarth247

Address: 0xFa4920BdBe30c5906cA204de526AaB6181D31b8f (new address for prize per participant’s request”

3rd Place Winner: @Lordix

Address: 0xB545f7dc721791f9Eb00AC8C2b4158B980FbCeBf

Elastic is hosting a meme contest to encourage its community members to create memes that speaks about ESC in a unique way.
This competition is sponsored by Elastic with the purpose of generating and circulating memes that promotes the use case of ESC TOKEN in the Elastic ecosystem. …

We are very excited to announce to our Elastic Family that Lukutex Exchange will be listing ESC on their exchange on Nov. 20, 2020. True to our commitment to expand in the South East Asia region. We have partnered up with Lukutex Exchange as our first CEX Listing. …

We would like thank all of our community members and welcome our new community members who have participated in our current airdrop campaign. AIRDROP REWARD has been distributed successfully. Rewards have been distributed to those who submitted correct Eth address. However, we still have more than 100 air drop participants who did not submit a valid Eth address or did not provide an address.

For those who did not receive the airdrop ESC rewards please visit our Telegram channel and complete the google doc form within the next 5 days to provide your Eth address in order to receive your rewards. The current airdrop campaign will be close after 5 days.

Elastic Telegram:



“Welcoming our Vietnamese communities in the South East Asian Regions!!!”

Unlike other projects that raised tens of millions of dollars through VC funding or the recent Defi projects raising millions through online ICOs, Elastic is a community project that did not do any fund raising. We are a community centric…

Elastic is a social experiment that is similar to AMPL. An elastic yet non-dilutive commodity like digital asset. ESC is a community project w/o VCs or ICOs

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